**Update on diet changes & RA

*Update* I am having huge successes in alleviating my symptoms from changing my diet!! Please if you are visiting and have RA...try this. Or contact me... I am not only a mission to fix myself but to help others!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clean eating = happy me!!

I'm very happy to report I'm feeling great.  Had a few set backs over the last few months but one thing remains true and consistent, and that's when I clean up my diet, my arthritis improves drastically. 

I'm still sticking to the same foods that have helped me over the last 9 months.  Wow, 9 months since I started this "experiment" and I haven't had to go back on my long list of big bad drugs! (Humira injection, prednsisone, naproxyn, plaquenil)  I'm so happy that I stuck through it and have reached this point.

How are you all doing out there?  Are you finding relief through elimination diets?