**Update on diet changes & RA

*Update* I am having huge successes in alleviating my symptoms from changing my diet!! Please if you are visiting and have RA...try this. Or contact me... I am not only a mission to fix myself but to help others!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Slow but steady

Things are going awesome.  I am taking this nice and slow and probably taking too much time adding food, but it feels comfortable and safe.

To add to my base list, I've got blueberries and eggs.  I am actually quite content with my list although I do need to add more fiber.

Before this diet journey, I was constantly online researching, reading tons of "health" books and I ended up coming across lots of products, of which some I purchased... I'm a total sucker for buying any product that has a claim to make you healthier.  My husband laughs at me when I go to the health food store for fun.   In once case I bought some healthy bars which are wheat and gluten free, dairy free and only contain healthy natural ingredients.  I won't name names...   By the time I paid for the bars and the shipping, they ended up being close to $5 per bar...and they didn't taste good at all.  I've now found "larabar" and I love them.  They are made with only natural ingredients, they have a ton of flavors and while I have only tried a few (that fit in my current diet)  they are yummy!!   And the best part, they are only $1.99 and you can get them at Loblaws!  Nice!

In my near future to try... goat cheese & quinoa !  Wow, my life is exciting!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Normal feels good

Not much to report other than still feeling great.  I am adding foods at a slow pace to make sure I don't have an un-identifiable flare up like last time. 

Someone else with RA is starting this process today!  I am super excited to see how she does and if it helps her!!  Goodluck Moe!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feeling fine...

Still feeling terrific (minus getting my period)  Boy did that ever hit hard today.  It dawned on me that I've been doped up for the past 3 years on an anti-inflammatories...I guess they've made my periods a lot better.  Oh well, a day or two of feeling crappy is worlds better than being drugged up!!

I'm still keeping it simple with my eating.  Really trying to do this properly although I would love to dive into a large cheese pizza. 

My safe food list is sweet potato (I actually am so sick of these that I may never eat one again) carrots, peaches, chicken, celery, nuts, and I blended a few berries yesterday so I think they're ok too.   I must say that I'm doing well- feeling satisfied and while I tease about craving a pizza, I truly am ok.  Way better than I thought I would be.  See, I love food.  Good food, bad food, fast food, mom's home cooking.  Lots of food.  I thought this would have been harder for me but I'm doing just fine.  I have a bbq Sat to go to and I'm sure there'll be lots of treats so that will be a good test.  I know I won't cheat myself though- I've come too far and I feel too damn good!!

My hands and feet feel awesome.  I can actually lift a dumbell in the morning. 

I'm getting lots of posts & comments from others with RA.  I hope that if anyone out there reading gives the elimination diet a try they let me know! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Results are in!

What a day... woke up feeling great and full of energy...and excited for my food testing appointment!! 

It was so interesting.  They tested over 80 foods.  They used a machine/ technique called "biotron."  Here is what they found.

Foods that have zero benefit to me (can eat sparingly)
- whey
- mushrooms
- candida

Foods that I should avoid
- barley malt
- yogurt
- onion
- baker's yeast
- caffeinated tea

Foods that are BAD, that should be completely eliminated! (yikes!)
- BANANA...crap... I love these.  ** This was probably my big offender a few weeks ago!!
- SUGAR (of the refined form)  After I freaked out, she quickly ran and got some sugar alternatives which all tested ok (sucanat, stevia, honey, maple syrup)
- CORN  (not a biggie although this is found in a lot of foods!
- ICE CREAM (too bad...)
- SMOKED MEAT (no biggie, can't remember the last time I had this)
- CHOCOLATE (what the ......)
- COLA (don't drink it anyway)

So, there you have it!  Not as bad as I would have thought.  After my test, I met with a Naturopath doctor and we had a nice time chatting.  She thinks and supports the elimination diet that I'm on is great.  She would like me to stay away from the above mentioned foods and stay away from dairy & wheat for the time being.  I also spoke to her about some of my other concerns (leaky gut syndrome) and she gave me some high quality probiotics.  I have been reading that it is very common for people with RA to have leaky gut syndrome.  Sounds gross eh.  It's not really... here is the definition:

Leaky gut syndrome describes a condition of altered or damaged bowel lining, caused by toxins, poor diet, parasites, infection or medications, which has led to increased permeability of the gut wall to substances which normally remain isolated in the lumen, away from the body's internal circulatory or interstitial areas. NSAIDS such as aspirin are known to erode the gut lining and cause inflammation, other medications such as corticosteroids suppress immune function and disturb intestinal flora, and antibiotics indiscriminately kill bacteria causing bacterial flora disruptions in the small intestine.
It has been proposed that, when substances such as toxins, microbes, undigested food, waste or larger than normal macromolecules leak through an abnormally-permeable gut wall, they affect the body directly, while others postulate an immune reaction to these substances.

She also gave me some pharmaceutical grade fish oil. 

So, my plan is to keep chuggin along with my e-diet.  Avoid these bad foods and see what happens!  It's all so interesting!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tomorrow's a big day!!

I'm super excited to go to the Carp Eco Centre tomorrow to get food sensitivity testing!!  I'm not using this as a short cut to my elimination diet.  I am using it in parallel to help me figure out which foods I'm highly reactive to.   More information can't hurt right!?

As for my diet- still on peaches, sweet potato, carrots, chicken and had some nuts today. 

Hands and feet still feel GREAT.  Oh and I have a ton of ENERGY!!  I never thought I lacked energy or was fatigued but now that I'm feeling well- I realize that I was in a bit of a funk.  I feel awake in the morning.  I don't sneak naps anymore when my baby is sleeping ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Sunday, pain free though!

Today in Ottawa it is wet and cold!  A lot of people with RA associate rain with pain.  I was never fully sold on that as I seemed to have my worst days when the sun was shining.  None the less, today I still feel great!

I am starting to get pretty sick of carrots and sweet potatoes.  Thank god for chicken and peaches.  I'm going to get some fish too since my friend Kat keeps reminding me how good it can be!! 

I think I am making it worse on myself by baking today.  I made some  yummy muffins for my baby and a gluten free home made pizza!  I'm having a tough time but I have come this far, I'm not going to mess it up!! 

My hands and feet feel fantastic and I am full of energy!  Pizza crust is ready...gotta go...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No pain, no fatigue....

Waking up to feeling this good is like a drug!  When you have been in chronic pain for years- it's truly amazing to feel normal again.

Not only does RA cause extreme joint pain & stiffness, it causes fatigue and a general foggy feeling.  I feel mentally clear, happy as can be, and full of energy.  I'm normally positive and energetic- but not like this.  I suppose the true realisation that food definitely has a large part to do with my particular case of RA is part of it.  I will be able to avoid major drugs and take control of this disease through natural and truly healthy means.

Not sure if I ever shared this but the drugs that I've been on and the drugs that they want me to take have the potential to cause the following lovely side effects:  increased chance of osteoporosis, weight gain, liver and kidney problems, eye issues, an increased chance of contracting respiratory infections,  an increased chance of getting cancer!  Not to mention the stomach issues and ulcers.  The list goes on.  One of the drugs (methotrexate) is an actual chemotherapy drug.  Nice.  That's a bit scary to say the least......

As for my food- still on the basics- sweet potato, carrots, peaches and now that I'm feeling good- chicken as of yesterday.  That's what I'll be eating for the next 3 days and then I will add something new.  Nice and slow.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm back!

I woke up feeling great again!  Yippeeee!!  I knew the second I opened my eyes.  A few days back at the basic foods and I've cleared whatever it was that was causing my joint inflammation.  It's really great.

I was thinking that if it took many more days, I was going to have to give in a buy some fish.  Today I am trying chicken- plain jane style... nothing other than chicken and sea salt.  I will have that for the next 4 days and see.  I'm taking this round a little slower!!

Happy Friday.  Happy ME!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learn to like fish?

Well it's Day 2 again for me and I'm struggling a little bit.  I just got back from Loblaws and I swear there were blocks of old cheddar calling my name! 

I've stuck to peaches, sweet potato and carrots (barf).  I better wake up feeling better tomorrow!

I just had a nice convo with my husband and it's nice to know he is fully supporting this experiment.  He suspects it's an allergy to eggs as he happened to notice that I consumed a carton in about 3 days. 

On another note, I made an appt to go get tested for food allergies.  I'm not stopping my elimination diet, I just figured that if I can find out if there are strong allergies to certain foods, I won't bother testing them and wasting my time.  I called a Naturopath Clinic and they were so friendly and talked to me for 15 min on the phone.  What a change from my other docs!  Here is the web-site.. it's very well done.

Oh and if I wake up stiff again, I'm heading right to the drug store to buy some magnesium citrate to "clear" faster.  Joy.

All good thoughts!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 18 - A New Start!

Well, I've made a decision.  It's day 6 of my flare and despite my positivity and hope for it to be ending- it's not.  In fact, today is down right bad. 

I have consulted with my 2 mentors!  What I have decided is to go back to the true elimination diet...yes, the foods that I said I might not ever eat again!  But, I've made an error and I'm obviously eating something that is causing my inflammation.  I am back on peaches, sweet potato, carrots & celery.  At least until I clear the swelling. 

Apparently some of our favorite foods can likely be allergens!  For me that could be banana, berries, chicken or potato.  I think I was again naive in thinking that a fruit or veg couldn't possibly be bad for you or cause an allergic reaction.  It also dawned on me (after a post from Moe) that white potatoes are in the nightshade family and it's well known that nightshade foods are often associated with joint pain.  Oops.

So, here's to new beginnings.... again!! 

And I'm no longer going to number my days as the title of my posts.  I am realizing that this is going to be a long and tedious journey, it could take months or years! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 16 & 17

Not too much to report other than I have been good with eating a very safe diet and I can feel that my flare is getting better.  The first thing I do upon waking, is slowly try and make a fist and I know immediately! 

I am so happy that I started this blog and I am happy that I took a chance in posting it on the Arthritis Society message boards.  I've received lots of words of encouragement and lots of other people who are considering giving this type of method a try. 

I mean, what do you have to lose?  If you were diagnosed with a chronic disease that basically had no known cure, would you not want to try to help yourself naturally instead of pumping drugs into your body to mask the problem?

I am in Fitness and I coach clients everyday on the importance of putting only good, nutrient rich foods in their bodies for optimal health.  Whether you have disease or illness or you seem to be pretty healthy- your body deserves to be treated like a temple.  Feed it great nutritious foods and it will be good to you. 

How many people do you know that complain of any of the following:  bloated stomach, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, migraines & headaches, eczema etc etc.  Food plays a major role in all of these.  We have the power and the tools to investigate and eliminate the offending foods!

All I now right now is when I started the elimination diet- after a few days of feeling bad, my hands & feet had not felt better in years.  My husband pointed out to me that I was using a can opener the other morning.  I hadn't been able to do that in years. 

It's only a matter of time before I feel that good again! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 15

Boy am I hungry today.  I suppose it's because it's down pouring in Ottawa and I'm stuck inside.  I am eating very safe things today in a strong attempt to help speed up the departure of my flare from Thursday night.  I woke up with stiff hands again :(  But I have removed the nuts and sugar and am back to carrots, peaches, chicken and potato.

Here's a question to all of you... does anyone know of a good way to find an old book that Chapters doesn't carry anymore?  I am looking for a book by John Mansfield called "Arthritis- The Allergy Connection"  I can see that there are some used copies for sale but they come from the UK and the prices are ridiculous.  Who knows- maybe one of you have it, and would lend it to me ;)

What a huge crazy blog world there is out there!  I used to get mad at my husband for always having his face buried in the laptop, now we practically fight over it.  I have found some great supportive blogs all around food and allergies.  Here is something I tried a few nights ago with a boring old frozen banana (and it blew my mind how amazing it tasted!)

Um WOW.  I found it on this blog :  http://www.choosingraw.com/this-post-will-change-your-life/
And I borrowed her picture. 
Thanks to her!!

Enjoy! xo

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 14

Definitely still feeling the affects of either the nuts or dates from Thursday night.  I am in a flare for sure.  I think it seems worse because I've gone off all of my meds (with the exception of prednisone- too dangerous to just stop). 

Today I ate a very basic safe diet (or so I hope).  I am hoping that by tomorrow I am feeling back to good again.   I consumed a berry shake for breakfast (which I added a handful of spinach to- it was surprisingly tasty, couldn't even taste the spinach), celery and carrots for snack, small chicken breast for lunch, and for dinner a potato, small steak and carrots, peppers and onions on the bbq. 

What I am realizing after talking to a few other people that have gone through this process for their RA is that everyone has very different sensitivities.  I think I am a little naive in my thinking that this would be easy- probably will be allergic to wheat or dairy.  I could be allergic to some grains and not others.  Some fruits and not others.  Some nuts but not all nuts.  It's going to take some real patience and time.   Time, I've got lots of... patience.... we'll see :) 

I certainly do feel healthy!  I haven't mentioned it because it wasn't my focus, but I'm down to my lowest weight that I can remember.   My main priority is to feel good and relieve the pain in my joints.  But hey- I'll take the weight loss that's seemingly going along with it!

Here's an updated list of my safe foods (I think....)
Fruit:  peaches, pears, apples, berries (except strawberries for now) banana
Veggies:  sweet potato, white potato, lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, peppers, onion, carrots, celery, spinach
Meat: beef, chicken, pork
Green tea

Let's hope I wake up good again :) 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 13

So today I woke up and I have a little bit of stiffness back in my hands.  I think I need to remember that I am still in the testing phase... not cured!!  I ate what I thought was a fairly safe list of foods although I did consume quite a bit of nuts.  I have had walnuts with no problems and lastnight I ate a larabar which only had 2 ingredients- cashews & dates.  I am going to back off the nuts for a while and re-test in a while.

Other than that I had my usual fruit smoothie (frozen berries, flax, banana and pomegranate juice) an apple, some chicken and some carrots.  Oh and a green tea. 

Could it be cashews?  Walnuts are ok but cashews aren't?  We'll have to see....

I still don't have any desire to put anything bad in my body.  No cravings of sugar, bread, cheese, chocolate or wine.  It feels abnormal to not be craving these favorites!!  In fact, I am the extreme opposite- I find myself wanting to be the healthiest I have ever been.  I even bought spinach to start blending into my morning smoothie. 

Today I am going to be basic and eat only safe foods and get this little bit of swelling under control. 

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 12

Well I must say that I really enjoy posting my success on this blog.  It is neat to know that some friends and family check it!  I really do hope to help in getting the word out there to other sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis.

In fact I posted a message with my blog url directly on the Arthritis Society message boards.  I figured why not?  I've had a few replies of encouragement, and even a nasty message saying there isn't a link between food and RA.  I truly believe otherwise.  Not only have I read other people's blogs who have been helped through diet ( http://www.arthritis-alternatives.com/) and (http://jhackett_ra.tripod.com/story.html) but I have been researching my butt off for the last year on which foods cause inflammation in the body and which ones reduce it.  

Yesterday I added a heaping teaspoon of brown raw sugar to my coffee which I drank late in the day.  This morning I noticed I had a little swelling in my baby finger.  All of my other fingers and feet are still great.  I am going to stay away for about 3-4 days and try it again to see.  The thought of being intolerant/allergic to sugar is a bit scary- I eat healthy normally but I love my desserts.   Does anyone have any recipes for dessert type foods that have zero sugar?  Anyone..anyone?? 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 10 & 11

Things are still going super!  I still feel great.  I added 2 more foods- walnuts and hummus.  

I am thinking about having a glass of milk or a piece of toast- to see what happens.  Dairy and wheat..scary!  We will see.  It just feels so good to feel this good, I know I need to know but I want to keep feeling great.

On a not so good note, my rheumatologist called today and I was speaking with the receptionist.  I hesitantly told her what I had been up to and she didn't sound very happy.  A lot of awkward pauses and silences.  Maybe I should have waited to tell them, it's just so hard not to.  If I do have a bad flare- I will need them.  I'm pretty torn.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 9

Good Monday morning!

Things are continuing to go very well and smoothly!  Lastnight I had a small green salad with carrots, tomato and cucumber as well as oil & vinegar dressing.  I didn't anticipate any issues, and I was right.  I'm glad to get some veggies back into the mix.  Did I mention that I might never eat another sweet potato again ;)

My hands and feet feel super.  I no longer walk funny, with a limp.  My hands work first thing in the morning.  I can change my baby, empty the dishwasher and open jars!  They are still weak, but they work!

Today for breakfast I made  a mixed berry (sans strawberry) shake with 1/2 banana and mango.  Maybe too much "new" food to try but I did anyway.  I blended it all up with some flax and it was yummy. 

I'm getting to the point where I need to throw in some dairy and wheat to see what happens!  I suppose I am delaying the inevitable.

When my baby was 3 months old, he had severe eczema- I mean, go to the hospital numerous times severe.  Then a little later, when he was 6 months old, he went into anaphylactic shock after ingesting some skim milk powder in a baby cereal.  He was then tested and we were shocked to find out he was allergic to: dairy, wheat, eggs, all nuts, soy & sesame.  It was overwhelming to say the least.  I remember we kept saying "where did he get this from, we both don't have allergies?"  Hmmmmm...well now I am rethinking all of that and I'm guessing that my poor baby got them from MOI!  I guess it's still premature to assume but I can't help but think that. 

We'll see in the days to follow!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 8

Today has been another great day.  I had a cup of coffee this morning, sweetened with cinnamon.  I was too afraid to try sugar.  I used to use Splenda, but among researching my RA, I have also been researching nutrition in general as well as anti-aging through nutrition and I found some pretty scary things when it came to artificial sweetners.  It will take a while to get used to it, but it's so much better for me.  I'm at a point where I want to only put good things into my body.  It feels good!

I had eggs for lunch.  This is a food that is fairly high on the allergen scale.  Result = great!  No issues and it's over 4 hrs since I ate them. 

Tonight I am having left over chicken and a simple garden salad (dressed with vinegar).  I don't imagine I should have any problems with that.

Do you know anyone with an auto-immune disease that you think might benefit from doing an elimination diet??

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 7

Things are going great!!  Every day that I wake up, I fear that my stiff and sore hands will have returned but they haven't. 

I had a super day and am feeling so good.  I got up and was out by 7:30, hit the Carp Farmer's market and met with Bob Dobson, of Dobson Farms.  I bought a bunch of grass fed beef! He was so nice and chatted with me for quite some time.   Here is the web site...http://www.dobsonfarm.com/index.html

We had my parents over for dinner and bbq'd some of the steaks and they were excellent!

I also added white potato back in- no probs.  I love potatoes and I have a sneaking suspision that when I add wheat (bread) I will have an issue so I wanted to add a nice filling carb just in case I need to resort back to eating safe things.  I had an apple this morning- also no problems.  Good.

I've got to start figuring out when to try the "biggies"  I guess that's in the next few days.  My gut is telling me dairy is the main culprit!  We'll have to wait and see. 

I still haven't added coffee in!  I think I'm afraid to mess with my new found healthy body.  I do love it though, maybe that will be something for tomorrow.

Here's my "safe" food list to date:
* sweet potato
* peaches
* carrots
* celery
* chicken
* beef
* potato

It's growing :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 6

Well the day finally arrived where I can introduce a few foods!!  In fact, I'm eating a steak as I'm blogging!!  It's scrumptuous!  I hope I don't have any reactions to it :)

It's been interesting.  I had peaches and strawberries for breakfast.  Not a lot of berries, about 3 large ones.  I noticed that I had a bit of a headache after consuming them.  I'm trying not to be obsessive over the way that I'm feeling but trying to catch any abnormal symptoms.  I headed over to my mom's for the afternoon and she had some fresh strawberries so I had 4 more.  Then I got a headache!  This was not a food that I thought I would react to.  I'll try it in a few days again.

For lunch I bbq'd chicken breast.  It was good.  I was more excited for the steak that I was having for dinner. 

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to the Carp Market to pick up some local grass fed beef.  I can't wait to try it.  I have to get there good and early (8am) to ensure that I get some good cuts.  It feels good to be buying locally and supporting our farmers.  I imagine the meat will taste great. 

I haven't yet figured out what to introduce tomorrow but I'm excited none the less!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 5

Today I woke up and was able to make a tight fist with my hands.  This was huge.  I haven't been able to do that for years!!  I am on the least amount of meds and have the almost zero pain.  I am totally in shock of the way that I feel.  I am so thrilled and excited.

I am going to slowly start re-introducing foods tomorrow.  Coffee will be first!  Then I will add some foods that will likely be safe.  I want to build up my "legal" food list and then in a few days test some of the biggies (dairy, wheat, corn, soy).

I'm starting to think that anybody who has a health issue (headaches, bloated stomach, fatigue, IBS, etc)  should give this method a try.  For me, it's been amazing.   So far... I guess I shouldn't get ahead of myself!

The funny thing is, I'm not really craving anything anymore..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4

Well, I didn't think this day would come.  I feel good.  My hands are much better.  I am still hungry but in general feeling well.  I am starting to get really excited with the hopes that I can lessen my pain with what I'm eating.

I have been emailing with others that have been successful on getting their RA into remission with food and it's so inspiring.  Now that I am feeling relief, I am kind of in shock that none of my doctors ever mentioned this to me over the years.  Very disappointing but I suppose not surprising with everything that I am reading.

It will be interesting to see what foods will affect me and how.  I'm guessing some of my very favorite foods will be off limits- cheese & chocolate... here's to hoping not!

My last Humira shot was July 9.  I was due to have another on the 23rd.  This makes the way I'm feeling even sweeter since I haven't felt this good on my shot- now I am feeling great off my shot.  I have also lowered (carefully) my prednisone.  I used to take 10mg, then I went down to 5mg for months and just last week went down to 2.5mg. 

I also haven't needed to take my naproxen and haven't taken my plaquenil. 

My knuckles are starting to look more normal again.  They had wrinkles on them this morning as opposed to looking like there was a grape under the skin.

All I can say for now is...wow.

Here is an amazing site to check out   http://www.arthritis-alternatives.com/

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 3

Today is the official half way point of the diet before I start to reintroduce foods.  I don't know how I am going to get through but I will. 

Not much to report other than I seem to be feeling a little better today with not so much of a headache.  I know I'm grumpy though!!  I seem to be mad at everyone that can eat normal food!

I get to test 3 different food on Friday.  They say to test the biggies like dairy, wheat, eggs, corn etc.  I wonder if coffee is considered a biggie?  I will definitely have some meat that day too.  I am afraid of losing all of my muscle mass with literally zero protein. 

Well, off to go eat a peach... later xo

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2

It's only day 2 and so far this is hard!!  I am so hungry and the sweet potato and carrot thing ain't cutting it!  And the coffee part is killing me.  I swear everytime I turn the tv on there is either a commerical with a big fat steak or cheeseburger!

Yesterday I drank the magnesium citrate drink and oh boy- does it ever work and work fast!!  The pharmacist was right.  Don't try it and leave the house.....

I am basically living off of sweet potato and peaches.  I'm already totally sick of carrots and celery.  That is not a good sign since I have 4 more days to go. 

I've been emailing with the Dr. who came up this this particular eliminination diet and basically begged him to let me have chicken.  No go.  He basically said to suck it up and have some fish!

I have had a dull headache since yesterday at about noon.  Dr. McFerron says that day 2 and 3 are the worst and you should start to "clear" or feel better by Day 4. 

I guess what else makes it hard is that I am still preparing and cooking for my son and husband.  They are eating some of my faves!  My boy gets meat and tomatoes, cucmbers and pita and my husband made himself a delectable ham sandwich with provolone and tomato on 12 grain bread.  What I wouldn't give to have just one bite!!

But this is important so I'm sticking with it! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elimination Diet- Day 1

So far Day 1 has been ok.  I went out yesterday and bought all my "allowable" foods.  It's a pretty small list.  All I am allowed over the next 6 days is sweet potato, celery, carrots, peaches & pears.  To drink all I can have is spring water or mineral water.  The only seasoning is sea salt.  That's it.  There are other foods on the elimination diet but none that I like- white fish, rutabaga, turnips. 

I started my day with a glass of mineral water and a peach.

Now I am chugging back my magnesium citrate drink.  That is a drink to "clean you out".  Yikes.  It could be an interesting day.  I asked the pharmacist if it worked fast and how intense it was.  She just nodded and said "Yes, fast and intense"  Oh boy!

The thinking is that this drink will help clear out all the food that I've eaten over the last few days and remove any allergens if I am in fact allergic to some foods.

They say that by day 2 and 3 you feel terrible.  You may experience flu type symptoms and feelings of withdrawal!  I warned my husband that I may be a cranky wife and momma!  I also can't drink coffee- that is tough for me!  The first thought that fills my brain in the morning upon waking is- COFFEE.... Mmmmm.

Hopefully it's an ok day! xo