**Update on diet changes & RA

*Update* I am having huge successes in alleviating my symptoms from changing my diet!! Please if you are visiting and have RA...try this. Or contact me... I am not only a mission to fix myself but to help others!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm back!

I woke up feeling great again!  Yippeeee!!  I knew the second I opened my eyes.  A few days back at the basic foods and I've cleared whatever it was that was causing my joint inflammation.  It's really great.

I was thinking that if it took many more days, I was going to have to give in a buy some fish.  Today I am trying chicken- plain jane style... nothing other than chicken and sea salt.  I will have that for the next 4 days and see.  I'm taking this round a little slower!!

Happy Friday.  Happy ME!


  1. Wow thats amazing...I can't wait to hear how your next week goes...keep posting:)Glad to hear your feeling better ...good luck on Round 2!

  2. Thanks Moe! I will keep updating every day!! Thanks for reading!

  3. Jen, I got some good whitefish today from the Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster & Fish Supply. I really don't like the kinds I have tried from Loblaws or Metro.

    Is it the taste, or the texture you don't like? Halibut has a firmer texture (maybe somewhat close to chicken) while sole, trout, are more flaky.

  4. Yay, Jen! On your way, especially with the knowledge that foods we like best can be allergens for us and that you just back up and start again. Before you know it, you have your diet perfected for you and by you and you feel great every day. Plus, you know how to handle flares without any drugs.

    I have been listing your URL wrong on my blog www.arthritis-alternatives.com. Sorry. I've fixed it. I think.

  5. @ Kat: OK you... I'm going to try it! I'll probably head over the Whalesbone tomorrow and pick some up! I will let you know how it goes...

    @ Cam: That's the goal! I know it will take time but I've come this far and the feeling of being pain free is absolutely amazing. It's such a treat...