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Friday, October 29, 2010

Question for fellow RA'ers or vitamin people!

So, I am now taking quite a few supplements... and some days I take some in the morning and some at night... and some days I space them out...  I don't really know when to take them...do you?

Here's the list:
1.5 teaspoons of Cyto-Matrix Omega D-3
2 probiotics (HFM Forte)
2 Natural anti-inflammatories (Inflammatrix by Cyto-Matrix)
4 Vitamin D pills
2 Calcium pills
1 Materna (prenatal vitamin....we are planning a 2nd at some point!)

It feels like a lot of pills but compared to some, it's not that bad.  After my friend Cam's post on http://www.arthritis-alternatives.com/  I realize that I should also add Vitamin C to the mix.  Can anyone recommend a brand?  Is the Costco brand ok?

I take 2.5mg of prednisone in the morning.  I am waiting to get to the doc to reduce that!

I typically take the Omega 3 at night.  My thinking is that since mornings are the toughest, that the oil will help lubricate the joints while I'm sleeping?

Is it ok to jam down 6 or 7 pills at one time?  Thanks...


  1. Take calcium with vitamin D to absorb it better. Also I would recommend getting a magnesium + calcium supplement instead of just calcium. Try to find one in a 1:1 ratio, but 2:1 is ok too and more common.

    I usually take supplements with food to better absorb them. And spacing them out through the day is good too.

  2. @ Kat: Thank you!!! What brands do you like Kat?

  3. My natropath suggested taking the Calcium/Magnesium at night before bed for better absorption. Otherwise, I usually do the same thing as you, just down them all at once (I take pretty much what you do). I find taking the cal/mag at night, I tend to forget it!
    Do you find any difference with the different brands of the omegas? I was on NutraSea, then switched to Carlson. I haven't noticed a difference myself. Do the natural Anti-Inflammatories do anything for you?

  4. My naturopath has me take my probiotics in the morning and in the evening. I do the same with my omega 3's, vitamin C and digestive enzymes. I have done a couple of C flushes to determine how much vitamin C my body needs. You can read about it here if interested--http://www.lenandjoe.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=41 (these guys are also my naturopaths)

    For vitamin C, I use a L-Ascorbate poweder that is corn free. It is best absorbed by body in this form. I mix it in water. Give it to my little guys this way too. I take it in divided throughout the day. Helps keep your ph levels balanced throughout day. Vitamin C is truly underrated and amazing for the immune system!

    I also take a ton of pills all at once in morn. and again at night. As you can see from the protocol on my blog and naturopath has given green light for my particular group of pills. It's a lot of stuff. But when I've backed off from most of it, my body is definitely not as happy.

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  5. Hello

    My naturpath just recommended innflamatrix for my swollen knee.

    How did you like it? Any side effects?

    Thanks !