**Update on diet changes & RA

*Update* I am having huge successes in alleviating my symptoms from changing my diet!! Please if you are visiting and have RA...try this. Or contact me... I am not only a mission to fix myself but to help others!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back up

Just woke up and my hands are terrific.  But my feet are horrible!  I haven't had a foot flare up since before this process, it was in late July that they got bad.  Which reminds me, that I've now been on this elimination diet for almost 2 months.  I haven't had any dairy, wheat, or sugar (except for the arrowroot incident) in almost 60 days!

My joints have never felt better, I used to flare just as bad on my meds.  My mental state and mood is much better too! (not that I was some grumpy old bitch, but I had my days!) and I've lost about 12 lbs. (always a wonderful side effect!!)

I wonder what is going on my feet.  Is it a delayed response from the curry paste that most likely had corn in it?  I don't know, but I have been good and not added anything since that meal last Thursday.  Oh well, I'm going to take it easy today and get myself under control.

I have been running a lot on my treadmill, I guess I have to give that a few days off too (sniff sniff)

Anybody have any suggestions of a smart healthy food for me to try in the next few days (when I'm clear of course) ?

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing so good:). You could always try FISH! It is low fat and a good source of protien!!! Yummmmm:)