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*Update* I am having huge successes in alleviating my symptoms from changing my diet!! Please if you are visiting and have RA...try this. Or contact me... I am not only a mission to fix myself but to help others!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I guess being cocky doesn't get you anywhere!  I have been in a small flare since waking up Friday morning (after the daring beef curry dish).  I deserve it!

After my friend, Nat's post about the corn, I pulled the red curry can out of the garbage and realized that there are quite a few ingredients in there.  Ignorantly, I assumed red curry was red curry. 

Oh well, it's not that bad and I'm already on Day 3, so will be rounding the corner very soon!! 

It's funny because this flare is affecting my wrists more than my fingers.  Bizarre.

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  1. Yep curry can have a lot of ingredients. In fact there is no one 'curry' spice. It's just a combination of a bunch of spices that make up a curry flavour. Similarly, chili is a bunch of spices mixed together. So if you see a spice mix, even that is something to be wary of. Spice powders often have anti-caking starches like corn added to them.

    That's one thing I like buying at farmer's markets is homemade spice mixes because you can ask what they have used. Also someone making it at home is less likely to use additives than a larger commercial seller.